Hey There!
I'm Mike Corey

Adventure Travel TV Host & Content Creator.

Mike Corey is a biology graduate, turned travel host, who never turns down an adventure.

From an early age growing up in Canada, Mike's lifetime of curiosity has sent him searching out cultures, creatures, and locations that most people avoid. This intense passion has led him to grow his YouTube Channel Fearless & Far to 1.5M+ Subscribers, receive 2 Emmy Nominations for his Adventure Travel TV program "Uncharted Adventure", and an Ambie Nomination for his podcast "Against the Odds".

His career began after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Canada. Mike then backpacked the world for 5 years volunteering as a research assistant for scientists studying ocean conservation. Bringing a camera along for these trips allowed him to capture the material he needed to win several international travel video competitions, and begin his YouTube Channel.

"I Help People Conquer Their Fears, So They Can Travel the World."

(And I've gotten pretty good at it.)

"Mike's travel style is unique. This guy takes adventure to the next level" - Steve B.

During this time, Mike also worked for several years creating short films for tourism brands around the world. Feeling like he had more to give, he returned to YouTube focusing on the bizarre attractions and unique cultures of the world. Participating in exploding hammer festivalsgetting tattooed by a head hunter tattooist, and scuba diving in hydrogen sulphide. He also speaks often about facing the fears in your life, and pushes people to break free of their bad habits.


Ready To See The World Through My Eyes?

The Volcano Church

Destroyed in the mid 1900s by a volcano, this church stands alone in a field of black volcanic rock.


Sak Yant Tattooing

The story behind the magic spells and enchantments etched into my back by monks.


Bangladesh Train Ride

When trains get packed, people get creative. I joined some locals for this raw travel experience.


The Iron Ore Train

Deep in the Sahara Desert, the longest train in the world carries Iron Ore to the coast. We rode it.