I'm Mike Corey, I'm an Explorer & a Biologist. I Carve a Path for Those who Aren't Afraid to Leave the Trail...

Over the last decade, I’ve sought out some of the most fascinating and remote locations on Earth. 

That curiosity has led me to host Emmy-Nominated Uncharted Adventure, The Weather Channel’s first travel-adventure show. 

I won't be taking you to the Eiffel Tower or luxury resorts on this show. Instead, we're venturing far off the beaten path together.

Let’s go on an Uncharted Adventure!


With 1.5+ Million subscribers, my channel "Fearless & Far" on Youtube takes you to visit remote tribes in Congo, and Ethiopia. To unbeleive festivals like Italy's Orange Fight, or The Exploding Hammer Festival. If you're looking for adventure, it's here!

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How Did I Become the Host of Uncharted Adventure?

It was a long road to be able to have this opportunity. Watch the Video explaining my bumpy journey from a fear of public speaking to hosting my own 1h adventure travel TV Show on The Weather Channel.

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Solo Castle Camping

I may have found the perfect campsite in an abandoned Romanian Castle.


Bulls of Fire Festival

The main event at the Mexican Pyrotechnics Festivals. Get ready to run for your life.


Leech Therapy

While in Poland I came across the rare opportunity to try this alternative therapy.


Exploding Hammer Party

One of the most dangerous festivals in the world. You've never seen a celebration like this before.