6 Life Lessons from Shamans, Witches, and Wisemen.


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A 20 hour ride on a iron ore train through the Sahara Desert in Mauritania, West Africa



Every year in Mexico, men slam sledge hammers into a rock field to celebrate their patron saint.



I travel deep into the amazon rainforest to find Kambo, a strange jungle "medicine".



For one night, during Mexico's National Pyrotechnics Fesitval, everyone runs for their lives.


The World is Built on Stories, and Luckily I have some good ones...

From Burial Caves to Bulls of Fire, Ayahuasca Ceremonies to Witch Market Curses.... Here are 6 lessons I've learned in the most unexpected places.

  • "We cannot avoid fear. Therefor fearlessness is an action, not a state of mind." - At the Bulls of Fire Festival in Mexico.
    It was the night of the main event in Tultepec during the National Fireworks Festival.
    Massive paper maché bulls, filled with fireworks burst into the main square, men sprinting them forward towards the crowd. It was about as safe as you'd expect fireworks festival in Mexico to be. (It wasn't.)  Locals jumped and danced in the absolute chaos. The game this night, was to dodge fireworks and bulls propelled by alcohol, and explosions. I watched dumbstruck as a local fire dancer took a quick break and came over to me, surprised to see a foreigner. I ask "Aren't you afraid to be so close to the bulls?"
    He responds, "Yes, my friend, of course. But we do it anyway. It is our tradition to dance in the fire". He felt the fear, but was doing it anyway.

  • "Fear is Contagious" - At an Ayahuasca Ceremony in Peru
    I was in a remote part of the country, seeking out this notoriously uncomfortable spiritual experience. Ayahuasca is a mixed of jungle plants, that produces strong hallucinations, and a lot of vomiting. While prepping for our psychedelic journey together, someone asked if they should be worried, another responded yes.
    The Shaman then responded “Don’t give him your thoughts”. That has stuck with me ever since.

  • "Fear is Fake, and is self created" - While in the burial caves of Sagada, The Philippines
    I met a local man in the wild north of this country. I was interested in the strange death rituals which took place up there. He spoke about special caves that few enter. That's right up my alley. While a watched him snake deeper and deeper into the rock tunnels with a gas lamp, I push my chest through a crack just big enough to fit... and I felt a pang of fear and claustrophobia.
    WTF am I doing? His light was fading as he pushed ahead, and I realized he felt no fear at all. He was less fit, and less equipped than I was. What was the difference?
    He knew they caves like the back of his hand, I could trust him, we were safe, what was the problem? He was choosing to have fun, I was choosing to be scared. The risk was equal on us both.


  • "We Fear Fear" - In the Witchcraft Market in Mexico City.
    Mercado de Sonora is infamous for the dark arts. We were there to find a "Limpia con Huevo" aka "Cleaning with an Egg", a strange, but very traditional Mexican healing spell.
    While visiting with a particular witch, who ended up cursing me instead of blessing me, my friend said "I hate feeling scared". At the time, it didn't mean much, but those words stayed with me. Often, the fear of fear allows the feeling to spiral into panic and anxiety. It is then uncontrollable. By accepting it, we can change our relationship with it.

  • "Failure is a Decision You Make" - While dancing with the Himba Tribes in Namibia.
    While road-tripping across this incredible country, we stay 48hours with a local tribe. They invite me to dance, and I feel shy and awkward. I remember some old wisdom I heard about how people don't realize you made a mistake if you don't acknowledge it. This applies to everything in your life. If you decide something will be a success, then it can be. We often let others decide for us.

  • "Being Bad at Something can be a Good Thing" - Centre stage in Cebu, The Philippines.
    I had been asked to do a series of talks across South East Asia. For most of my life I've always told myself I've been bad at public speaking. However, I've been able to use this as a tool, to be better than most. By presenting to the maid, the lobby, and sneaking on stage, I gave one of the best talks of the conference.

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